New Resource Center: Diversity & Inclusion

August 28, 2020

Truvelop is devoted to helping you create and foster an open and diverse place of work. As promised, we have been working to create a Diversity and Inclusion Resource Center to help companies promote open dialogue around diversity, inclusivity, and systemic racism.

When it comes to addressing diversity and inclusion, it is important to be aware regardless of who and where you are. As a company that recognizes this importance, we have provided a few tips on how to implement diversity and inclusivity into your home and work lives.

  1. Implement diversity training- Most are aware that diversity and inclusion are important but do not know how to go about it or even be sensitive to the topic. Having a mandatory training and always enforcing the policies learned in training will help bridge that gap of awareness to proactiveness.
  2. Create a diverse upper management- Diversity should be apparent in all levels of your business, and not just during the hiring of employees. Upper management is a big representation of a business and its culture. Therefore, show that diversity is embedded in all levels of your business.
  3. Acknowledge all cultural practices- Companies tend celebrate traditional holidays and religious practices. However, by doing so, you may be ignoring minorities and their important days. Therefore, if you are going to acknowledge some, acknowledge all.
  4. Create open conversations about “uncomfortable” topics- Allow the space for race, gender, LGBTQ inequalities (and more) to transpire. These topics are not always comfortable, but should be acknowledged and not ignored. Make the uncomfortable become comfortable. This will also create a closer workforce amongst your employees.
  5. Enforce Anti-Discriminatory policies- Many places of work have anti-discriminatory policies but do not react when discriminatory situations take place. Be a business of your word and protect the unprotected.

These tips are very easy to follow and will go a long way to promoting diversity and inclusivity in your workplace and among your employees and teams. Open communication is vital when it comes to change.

Truvelop’s employee appraisal system was created in part to foster open communication and feedback, and this new resource center will arm managers and leaders with more tools to keep conversation moving in a positive way.

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