New Year, New Hires: Onboarding Best Practices

January 19, 2022

Today we hosted our monthly Truvelop User Community Lunch and Learn and focused on the topic of onboarding.  With so many organizations recovering from the Great Resignation and rebuilding their numbers, onboarding has been a top priority to start 2022.  For that reason, we wanted to explore different Onboarding Best Practices and highlight the tools and resources available within Truvelop to help.  Whether it’s sending an Onboarding Spark or using one of our Individual Development Planning, we’re here to help our users onboard their new hires with ease.

In the Lunch and Learn, we exchanged ideas and processes with our users, but there was one idea that stood out: Establishing the “Why.” As a manager, understanding a new hire’s motives, passions, and hopes can help us to tailor our approach to their onboarding and allow us to create the best possible employee experience.  At Truvelop, we believe in having efficient, intentional check-ins and conducting employee assessments often.  In our Knowledge Center, we have resources that can help these conversations become more meaningful and build the Manager-Employee relationship.

  • With our Individual Development Planning guides, we can get into the specifics of what motivates or demotivates our new hires and what career aspirations they may have. As a Manager, we want to understand what is going to help this team member become fully bought into their employment experience, and a lot of that comes down to the question of whether this is a job, or a career.  By going through an IDP exercise, we can start to bridge that connection and show we are fully invested in this employee from the get-go.  
  • Goal-Setting can help us to break our career planning down into more manageable pieces by allowing us to focus in on day-to-day performance and development.  By identifying the behaviors and skills needed to be developed in order to help us achieve our career goals, we can start to reinforce the right behaviors and share relevant trainings. 
  • Throughout one’s work journey, motivation is bound to fluctuate.  However, we have the ability to build more consistent motivation by coming back to an employee’s “why,” and focusing on roles that inspire and excite the employee.  Understanding what drives the employee to come to work each day can help Managers to tailor their support.  

Onboarding can sometimes feel very task-oriented, but it can also be more person-centered with the right approach.  When we focus on the individual, their personal goals and aspirations, and what they want to get out of their experience, we can start to personalize our onboarding approach and connect with our new hires in a meaningful way.  Relationships have been shown to be a deciding factor when a new hire is determining if this role is the right fit, so putting the focus on building that initial trust and welcoming our newest team member is more important than ever.

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