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Truvelop - Next generation Employee Review and Real-Time Feedback solution empowering the future of work.

What is Truvelop?

Reviews Reimagined

With Truvelop, companies are finally able to modernize their outdated annual or semi-annual review process by adopting a continuous approach to performance management and development using our proprietary assessment, real-time feedback, and AI coaching functionality.

Truvelop is easy to use and you can use it on your laptop, pad, or your mobile device.

Using our proprietary assessment, linked to an algorithm, Truvelop gives leaders and managers immediate insight into the talent landscape of their organization and performance trends and development needs of their teams and individual team members.


Real-Time Realized

Truvelop's Spark functionality makes delivering real-time feedback, in the moment when it actually counts, a reality. In addition to providing a flexible and adaptive solution for the performance review process, Truvelop also promotes real-time feedback and improves communication between Managers and Employees - which as you know is a key driver to Employee engagement and a positive Employee experience.


Proactivity Empowered

Truvelop empowers next generation managers and leaders to evaluate, develop, and transform the people in their organization. And it gives team members a voice in the process, too.

Truvelop's event-based performance analysis provides for deeper data driven insights to be delivered to Managers and Team Members based on evaluation trends and performance patterns. Couple this with Truvelop's one-of-a-kind AI-enabled coaching insights, Managers quickly understand who is at risk of departure, who on their team is in need of development, extra coaching, and identifies other barriers to the team member's success.


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How it Works.

The Truvelop Process.

In minutes a month, organizations can have a performance management system that employees and managers will actually enjoy using capturing and delivering real-time feedback. Here’s how it works:

Login to Your Account

You can sign into Truvelop's appraisal system on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device. With a mobile solution, it's easier than ever to support and develop your talent.

Evaluate or Spark

Take just a couple minutes to evaluate an employee or team member in real-time; or take a few seconds and share an observation, praise, coaching moment and more using Spark. With feedback being shared in the moment, when it counts, your team can improve the quality of future interaction and leverage recommendations to motivate, retain and promote talent.

Let Your Dashboard Guide You

The Truvelop dashboard takes the guesswork out of performance management. With a quick snapshot into where their team is performing today, leaders know exactly  who needs to be celebrated, who need to be motivated, and who needs some additional coaching.

Organizational Benefits

Within weeks of launching the Truvelop performance management system, organizational leaders will have a real-time talent dashboard helping them make key hiring, development, and retention decisions. This critical data is proven to deliver measurable improvements in rated performance, employee engagement and turnover, pre-hire and talent mobility decisions, and manager effectiveness.


Performance Ratings to give organizations a snapshot into their talent landscape


Recognition & Praise keeps Employees engaged and motivated


Analytics to identify talent gaps and mobility opportunities

Coaching Insights

To develop Managers into Leaders



Truvelop goes with managers and team members wherever they go—in the field, on a job site, on business trips. With Truvelop’s Android and iOS apps, managers can always log in and either complete a monthly review or capture quick employee observations called Sparks. They also receive recommended coaching actions to enhance motivation and retention. Using Truvelop, you can:

  • Capture observations in real-time
  • Measure and track performance over time
  • Take the guesswork out of employee management and development
  • Leverage accurate, visual clarity on the talent landscape across your organization
  • Review, assess and appraise wherever you are with our mobile solution


HRIS and Payroll Integration

Truvelop understands the importance of keeping all your backend systems in sync. So, we created a light-weight integration with most mainstream HRIS and Payroll systems. By simply exporting your Employee data, Truvelop has the capability of supporting the updates, additions, and deletions of Employee data through our upload feature. This avoids having to manually update Employee data changes or adding New Hires by hand.

We are happy to integrate with any system, just let us know and we can start working on your preferred integrations.