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The Truvelop Story

How an award-winning sports broadcaster and an HR superstar built a mobile employee review tool that would revolutionize the industry.


Broadcaster Gerry Sandusky and HR legend Lisa First-Willis created Truvelop by leveraging the sports evaluations process for real-time employee reviews.

Truvelop traces its roots back to a conversation that co-founder Gerry Sandusky had at the kitchen table with his father, John Sandusky, a long-time NFL assistant coach.

“Do coaches really treat all their players the same?” Gerry asked.

“Not the good coaches,” his father replied.

“What do they do?”

“They give the players who help them win more latitude, more input, more flexibility. The players who either can’t or don’t help you win get less latitude, input and flexibility. It’s a sliding scale,” John Sandusky explained.

The phrase “sliding scale” stuck with Gerry.

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Years later as a broadcaster, the play-by-play voice of the Ravens and a communications consultant, Gerry set out to figure out the scale. He interviewed dozens of coaches, scouts, general managers. He spoke with team owners and front office members, collecting their input on how they evaluated and developed talent.


A conversation with a friend and successful business owner convinced Gerry to expand his view of the project to include the business community.


Gerry listened to the input of managers, vice-presidents, HR directors, business owners, board members, and employees in multiple industries around the country all centering around the shared pain and frustration with employee evaluation and talent development. Those conversations produced the rudimentary algorithm that grew into Truvelop.

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A chance meeting through a mutual friend led Gerry to share his tool and algorithm with Lisa First-Willis, an HR professional with more than two decades of experience in human resources at the local and national levels. Over one dinner, Lisa saw the potential and signed on as co-founder, bringing her background, experience, and network to shaping the tool and launching the company behind the tool.


Lisa grew up as the daughter of a talented and tough union negotiator in Cleveland, Ohio.


Thousands of test cases, academic research and validation, and customer feedback led to solution through alpha and beta testing and into its introduction to the marketplace in 2019.

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Today, Truvelop continues to help organizations evaluate and develop their people, identifying the ones who help organizations win and the ones who don’t.


Both Lisa and Gerry’s fathers have passed, but their influence remains with the simple, but powerful philosophy that all employees aren’t created equal. Some have a bigger impact than others, an impact that is part of a sliding scale.


Truvelop brings that scale to life with a resource that helps leaders, managers, and coaches evaluate, develop, and transform their people, teams, and organizations.

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