Performance Evaluations with Context

July 28, 2023

Evaluations are great ways to document performance and productivity. With the Truvelop app, we make it easy for managers to routinely evaluate employees and even provide employees the option to request an evaluation. However, evaluations can lack context, so they don’t always tell the whole story. For both manager and employee, context matters and is important to understand why a team member is behaving in a certain way or not performing to standards.

While there are many reasons why employees leave an organization, one of the common reasons is a lack of motivation. And let’s face it – evaluations aren’t always motivating – in fact they can be demoralizing if not used in the right way.

According to Gallup, only 14% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews inspire them to improve.

Gallup research “indicates that teaching managers and employees to have more frequent, meaningful conversations about work expectations, progress and development improves engagement and performance.”

Truvelop not only aggregates important data about each employee, it uses that data to inform managers how to effectively engage with the employee. The data collected can generate meaningful insights on the Team Member dashboard to help guide management strategies. These insights – management cue cards – provide managers with suggested proactive management actions to increase engagement with team members.

For those managing large, front-line teams especially in construction, building services, manufacturing, and hospitality industries, and those who struggle in management roles, the Truvelop app helps managers capture employee observations and performance appraisals in real time, and access recommended actions for motivation and retention.

According to Gallup, “Employees are 3.6 times more likely to strongly agree that they are motivated to do outstanding work when their manager provides daily (vs. annual) feedback.”

Here are 3 steps to engage employees, and provide real time insights and coaching tips.

  • Continuous Evaluation
    • Evaluate team members regularly to track and trend progress, and actively monitor professional growth and development opportunities. Frequent evaluations provided with detailed context and opportunity to ask questions, help employees to better understand how they are succeeding and areas that need improvement.
  • Development Coaching
    • Truvelop’s proprietary coaching engine delivers specific recommendations and continuously pushes insights to managers and team members that identify challenges, opportunities, and overall performance trends. For managers who struggle to understand how to manage large teams of employees with varying skill sets, the manager cue cards provide specific ways to engage with employees based on their score and development. Managers can review their dashboard and see how all team members are performing to better evaluate the team’s areas of opportunity and growth.
  • Real Time Feedback
    • With Truvelop’s real time feedback tool, Spark, managers are able to praise, coach, and develop their team members in the moment, when it counts. With frequent communication, managers foster trust and strengthen relationships among team members. Employee development can’t improve if they don’t know what they are doing well or poorly – ongoing, in-the-moment recognition not only helps employees feel appreciated but also respected and supported in their professional growth. Additionally, Spark provides a platform for employees to post words of encouragement for colleagues, fostering greater collaboration among the team.

Simply evaluating your team is not enough. It’s what you do with the information once you identify the gaps and opportunities that can truly make a difference. With relevant data and documented feedback through the Truvelop app, managers can host more meaningful check-in meetings with team members.

Truvelop is designed to initiate and guide two-way conversations, fostering a more collaborative approach to employee development.

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