#Tuesday Tip: The Power of the Dashboard

June 9, 2020

When we start our workday, nearly all of us log into a dashboard of some sort to check performance of something, trends, stats, etc. This week’s Tuesday Tip highlights the Truvelop Dashboard.

In today’s new normal of a very remote workforce, employers and managers are relying heavily on performance management apps and tools to stay connected to and engaged with their teams.

The Truvelop app has become a must-have solution for our clients. The snapshot definition of Truvelop is that it enables managers to conduct employee assessments of their employees on the spot in less than 3 minutes, and deliver instantaneous feedback to employees even quicker. And during this pandemic, our clients are reporting 98+ percent manager usage, with a construction client completing over 200 assessments since March 15th, and a finance client completing 195.

The Truvelop Dashboard is just one reason that our app has become such a successful and pivotal piece of remote work success. And when we say dashboard – we really mean our clean, complex, and customizable dashboards (plural).

The complex, beautiful, and simple design of our dashboards give the user a refined experience – for the manager and the employee.

For the manager, the dashboard displays all scores and stats for the organization’s usage of the app – in its entirety. Dozens of data points can be accessed instantly and easily. What could make this dashboard better? More data.

The Truvelop Dashboard can display more contextual or detailed statistics if you choose from the dashboard’s multiple tabs and filter options.

And the Employee Dashboard shows individual performance, current score, feedback, Sparks and more.

Team Dashboards can also be created to track groups of team members progress within Truvelop. Evaluation scores, comments and Sparks can all be traced and put into one spot, the Team Dashboard.

Data points, graphs and charts can only give a company so much. The power of statistics can only go so far, unless you understand the power of Truvelop.

Within Truvelop, this data can be used to see where your top talent is, and where your team members stand. Combined with other Truvelop features, like Surveys, managers and c-suites can learn everything about their companies’ team members.

We’d love to demo Truvelop for you, and talk more about how we can help you navigate the new normal, and improve employee engagement and performance. Visit truvelop.com to learn more!