Product Summit 2022

April 20, 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended our Product Summit yesterday!

Over the past year, we’ve been getting amazing ideas and feedback as to how we can make Truvelop better. During our discussion, we covered Truvelop’s Product Roadmap for 2022 to get feedback, and most importantly, ensure that our roadmap aligns with what our users need most. We are so excited about what we have planned to make Truvelop better and create the best possible user experience.

We pride ourselves on having a customer-centric approach. Bringing together our HR leaders, executives, and company administrators, allows us to make sure that with every enhancement and update, we are prioritizing our partnerships. Listening to end users and paying attention to their needs has been key in building a successful product.

Thank you to Harkins Builders, DP Solutions, TEI Electrical, b.well Connected Health, HealthMark Group, CleanOffice, and Design Collective for their engagement and contributions. Special thanks to Kathy Humm for hosting at Harkins Builders Inc. It was so great to meet our partners in person and collaborate on our next steps.

Left to right: Lisa First-Willis, Juliana Withers, Kathy Humm.

Left to right: Adissa Barry, Lee Ann Riddlemoser, Jay Fillway, Meryl Goeke, Cindy Denholm.