Productivity Paranoia

October 20, 2022

Are your expectations too high? Are you overburdening your employees with meetings and demands? Do you forget to praise them or recognize their hard work and agility?

You may be fostering productivity paranoia among your employees.

In a recent article from Andy Medici for the Business Journals, he notes that “Microsoft found the number of meetings per week has increased 153% since the start of the pandemic, while more employees are double-booked and actively sending emails to other colleagues during meetings — a sign of a time crunch that shows employees are juggling a lot of tasks. Despite those metrics, 85% of leaders surveyed said the shift to remote and hybrid work has made it challenging to have confidence that their employees are being productive.”

We encourage our customers to have frequent, two-way communication, with their employees, but this is not intended as a way for managers to micro-manage employees. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We want managers to respect and value their employees’ contributions, successes as well as their challenges.

Genuine, authentic check-ins, requests for feedback, and the development of plans to address challenges or opportunities are all positive ways to engage employees.

Managers must build a culture of trust with employees to drive retention. According to research cited in a Forbes article last year, 55% of CEOs cited ‘lack of trust’ as a serious threat to their organization’s growth.”

Trust ensures that employees can be confident in their work and ability to talk to managers when they are having problems, while enabling managers to know their employees are getting their work done and will talk to them if there is an issue.

With the Truvelop app, managers receive prompts or can access recommendations for how to engage with an employee based on their score. Ongoing employee assessments that are easy to complete regardless of the employee’s location makes it easy for managers to track progress. Providing employees with recognition for jobs well done, big or small, goes a long way in fostering trust.

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