Pulse Check Employees

August 18, 2022

Like the annual performance evaluation, employers are beginning to abandon the annual employee survey. Quite simply, the world in which we live and work is changing rapidly and so, too, does the needs and feelings of employees.

According to TINYpulse, a recent Gartner report revealed that of those companies that do not conduct annual employee surveys, 64% are using pulse surveys to measure employee sentiment.

The workforce is changing due to societal influences as well as a changing employee base driven by the Great Resignation. These changes aren’t just impacting productivity and revenues, they are impacting the way employees work.

What bothered them or served as challenges in their daily work a year, months, or even weeks ago might not be the same as how they are impacted today.

Too many employers still believe that salary and benefits will be enough to retain talent, but those reasons are not always the drivers for why employees are discontented or leaving.

In a recent article from HR Executive that looked at a survey of more than 600 U.S. workers, it was noted that “opportunities for career advancement, skills development and internal job mobility, and increased commitment to work/life balance” followed flexibility as top reasons for remaining in an existing role.

Jeanne Meister, founder of Future Workplace, and executive vice president at Executive Networks was quoted in the article, “The reasons for staying are complex, and the answer is no longer just offering increased salary or flexibility in where and when work happens. Instead, our research shows employers must regularly survey employees to understand the levers which can deliver the most value to various segments of workers.”

Employees no matter their rank or role want to feel valued and supported. They want to know that their work matters. Ongoing, two-way communication with teams is critical to improving the manager-employee relationship. However, sometimes 1:1 or team meetings are not enough or there could be situations when employees aren’t comfortable sharing in person or in groups.

Regular pulse surveys are great ways to understand what employees are feeling or to gain feedback on an idea. They also provide managers with baseline and comparative data to help make decisions.

With the Truvelop app, managers can create short surveys that are easy for employees to complete from anywhere on any device – important for front-line workers and distributed workforces. All data is housed within the app, making it easy for managers to track and refer back to as needed. With surveys, performance evaluations and Sparks – notes of recognition that can be posted by managers or team members – all in one place, managers can make data-informed decisions to positively impact employees and drive retention.

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