Pulse Checks for Employees

August 10, 2023

Employee needs evolve and managers must be in-tune to these changes in order to engage their team effectively. Managers can’t assume to know what employees need or want; trusted two-way communication with frequent pulse checks is the best way to ensure employees feel heard and valued.

Regular pulse surveys are great ways to understand employees’ feelings or gain feedback on an idea. They also provide managers with baseline and comparative data to help make decisions.

With the Truvelop app, managers can create short surveys that are easy for employees to complete from anywhere on any device – important for front-line workers and distributed workforces. All data is housed within the app, making it easy for managers to track and refer back to as needed. With surveys, performance evaluations and Sparks – notes of recognition that can be posted by managers or team members – all in one place, managers can make data-informed decisions to positively impact employees.

Listening to employees can also provide valuable insights for managers in terms of ways to improve processes or day-to-day operations.

As shared in an article from Psychology Today, “When it comes to workflow and process, there are benefits of listening closely to front-line employees. After all, they’re the ones who are closest to the actual work. They often have insights into better and faster ways of doing things, insights that may not be readily visible from even one or two levels above.”

Effective listening is critical. Simply meeting with an employee or checking in, but not really listening to understand is worthless. Studies have shown that just 28% of managers ask questions when in conversation with employees. Managers tend to share their thoughts and ideas without really listening to the employee. Active listening requires managers to ask questions to gain as much insight as possible and to understand clearly what it is the employee is sharing.

Similar to goal setting, ongoing pulse checks help managers to stay abreast of what is happening and changing in the workplace. It’s not a one-and-done task. Managers must engage employees frequently and with the Truvelop app they can track it all in one place rather than dig around in files for notes.

For front-line workers, frequent pulse checks are especially important because managers aren’t necessarily with them to see what’s happening. Front-line workers need to feel connected and check-ins help managers to build trust and rapport with team members they don’t see on a regular basis.

Managers who value feedback and insights from employees will have greater success in driving performance and retention.

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