Quiet Quitting in the Office

July 26, 2023

During the summer months, employees and managers alike can find themselves disengaged. There is a pull to be less present in the workplace. Maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce is vital to a thriving organization and enhancing your customer experience. How can managers make an impact on Team Members to ensure they are actively and effectively contributing?

A positive manager-employee relationship can increase productivity and engagement in the workplace. According to Gallup, Managers are responsible for at least 70% of the variance in their employees’ engagement. Two-way communication is vital in this step. Don’t assume what is best for your Team Members; foster an open workplace where your team feels heard and valued.

Conducting regular conversations will establish a sense of trust and rapport among your team. When they feel heard, they feel valued which will have a direct effect on their work and pursuits. Additionally, when you foster effective two-way communication as a manager, you will be able to establish and discuss your own expectations with Team Members without feeling abrasive. A manager-employee relationship should be mutually beneficial in order to see the best results.

Start by adopting the habit of delivering real time feedback. Real time feedback can jumpstart Team Member development. By identifying opportunities for growth on a regular basis, managers can make an immediate impact on performance and avoid missed opportunities.

Increasing real time, bi-directional communication is a key influencer of developing under performers and retaining top talent. In fact, employees are 3.6 times more likely to strongly agree that they are motivated to do outstanding work when their manager provides daily (vs. annual) feedback (Gallup).

Change can occur quickly, especially the in a fast-paced, high-demand office setting. Managers need a tool that will help them adapt and be proactive to prevent disengagement. Through continuous feedback and coaching, we can inspire workers to stay longer and realize theirfull potential.

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