Quiet Quitting

September 1, 2022

Quiet quitting is a new term for an issue employers have faced for decades. When managers aren’t coached on best engagement and employee development practices, the result is employees feeling overwhelmed and undervalued.

As described in an article from American City Business Journals, “Quiet quitting doesn’t mean workers are silently walking off the job. Instead, it describes workers who intentionally decide they will no longer do work they feel is above and beyond what they are getting paid to do.”

As businesses struggle to hire, existing employees are overburdened with the work of missing colleagues.

The article shares that according to a Gallup survey, “as many as 79% of American workers are experiencing burnout while only 9% are engaged and thriving”.

Ira Wolfe, workforce thought leader and president at Poised for the Future Co., was quoted, “Quiet quitting can be mitigated by treating people fairly. A culture that emphasizes profitability at the expense of employee well-being will experience lower productivity, higher turnover, higher absenteeism and more quiet quitting.”

With our AI-powered app, we are able to provide employers with a new approach to management coaching. Most managers are never trained to be managers and when they are under pressure from upper-level management, they can struggle to figure out how to motivate their team members.

Truvelop customers benefit from our monthly webinars and tips for ways to improve employee engagement.

With the dashboard, managers can see how employees are performing based on their cumulative evaluation scores, can review past comments, and discover where there are gaps by looking comprehensively at how the entire team is performing.

For those managers who aren’t sure how to engage employees, the app prompts managers with management cue cards that provide suggestions for actions or conversations to have with employees based on their scores.

Bill Catlette, executive coach and managing partner at Contented Cow Partners, shares in the article that quiet quitting has emerged as the balance of power has shifted to workers.

“Fueled by a strong job market, those who’ve wanted to change jobs have enjoyed good opportunity to do so. Still others, preferring instead to remain in their job but reallocate the effort:pay ratio, have effectively quit working (powered back a notch) while still showing up and getting paid.”

He suggests that employers pay “careful attention to their workforce data, as well as doing employee engagement surveys, to identify those who are at risk of quiet quitting.”

The Truvelop app offers a survey platform so it is easier for managers to do pulse checks and make decisions that will have the best impact on employees.

Managers no longer have to keep track of notes and files – they can track and aggregate all of their data and notes in one place and have a comprehensive snapshot of the team making it easier to see what is working and what is not.

Managers who fail to commit to supporting employees not only have to worry about turnover, they have to worry – and be more concerned – about disgruntled employees who remain, driving down production and affecting team morale.

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