Recruiting in 2022

January 11, 2022

The labor market isn’t getting any better. This is what many business and HR experts are calling an unprecedented environment as an aging workforce retires, a younger workforce demands higher pay and flexibility, and mid-career professionals are increasingly entering the gig economy.

Chris Murdock, chief sourcing officer and cofounder of IQTalent Partners Inc., a recruiting and talent acquisition company based in Nashville, Tennessee, was recently quoted for an article in the Business Journals that “the factors driving the trend aren’t likely to abate…I think the way we ended 2020 and went all the way through 2021, just everybody needed to hire….I don’t see 2022 being any different.”

According to a recent article on, studies show that the best job candidates are only on the market for ten days!

So, what are your options if you are looking to recruit talent in 2022?

  • Rethink your recruiting process. What kind of experience are you offering candidates so that they can get an authentic sense of the culture and the opportunities specifically within the role? Is your process long and formal – if so, another company may lock them in before you do. Is the process relevant to candidates understanding the job and generating excitement for working there?
  • Exit interviews. Why are people leaving in the first place? Validating employee experiences and taking the time to understand their frustrations and challenges, could help identify ways to improve the employee experience and reduce turnover. HR teams and leaders can’t assume to know why people are leaving.
  • Focus on the employer brand. Potential candidates no longer have to take your word for it, and in fact, they are doing research more often in advance of even applying to determine if your company is a good place to work. Don’t rely on your business being respected in the industry or offering competitive pay and benefits (everyone is having to do this now in order to compete in the job market!) Employees want to work for companies that respect their people, and have values that align with their own.

With new technologies, the recruitment process can become more streamlined and automated, however, the human touch is needed along with innovation to meet the needs and demands of today’s competitive labor market.

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