Recruiting Starts Internally

February 16, 2023

Recruiting starts internally. That may sound counterintuitive, but for many organizations, recruitment can be a never-ending challenge – as soon as one position is filled another is vacated.

While recruitment shouldn’t be eliminated, it must be complemented by a strong retention strategy.

A recent article from Forbes highlighted the importance of culture in retaining employees, “A 2019 Glassdoor study found that a company’s culture matters significantly not only to employees who are considering a job (77% said they would consider a company’s culture), but also to employees staying in their jobs. In fact, nearly two-thirds of employees cited a good company culture as one of the main reasons they elect not to leave.”

Managers can’t assume to know what employees want and they can’t forget about the employee experience as they consider new engagement strategies to solve for retention.

In that same article from Forbes, one of the top 5 reasons for employee burnout was a lack of manager support. Managers must remain in consistent communication with their employees.

  1. Schedule pulse checks – these are brief connections with employees to see how they are doing outside of normal meetings – these can be done in person, 1:1, or as part of a survey.
  2. Revisit goals. Don’t assume an employee is working towards goals even if they are performing at a high level or seem focused. Take time to review goals and make sure they have the resources they need to be successful. Proactively reviewing progress toward goals can help discover and address challenges before they get out of control.
  3. Team building. Don’t undervalue the power of the group. One negative employee can bring down an entire team. Develop a culture that values collaboration and communication so that everyone feels supported and has a sense of belonging.

Finally, remember existing employees can be your best recruiting tool. If they have a positive experience they are more likely to promote open positions, and actively engage in candidate interviews when asked.

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