Retaining Top Talent in 2021

January 15, 2021

A strong people development strategy is centered around coaching employees and guiding them toward growth as people and professionals. Once you’ve fostered a team of core contributors and high performers, you will want to make sure you make a conscious effort to keep them! Here are three strategies for retaining your business’ top talent in 2021.

Offer Development Opportunities

2020 has left a lot of employees rethinking their careers especially those who now work from home. Highly engaged employees have little interest in a stagnant workplace. Around half of US employees are actively seeking other employment opportunities. If you want your team members to stick around for the long haul, you’ll need to offer them growth opportunities and a pathway to advance their career. Providing your top talent with access to professional development opportunities including leading a project team or solving a major business issue is a great way to keep them feeling valued, invigorated and appreciated during the upcoming year. Plus, it will allow them to take on new responsibilities, be creative and flex their leadership skills.

Frequent Touch Points

Your top talent is valuable to your business because of the level of effort and commitment they bring to the table day after day. So, why would you wait until the end of the year to review their performance all recognize of their significant contributions? Many companies have foregone the annual review process altogether in light of the pandemic and are replacing it with more frequent, informal feedback where managers are encouraged to use the touch point as an opportunity to boost morale and ensure workers have the support they need while mannaging workloads with childcare, remote schooling, increased anxiety and even illness.

More frequent touchpoints are necessary for modern workplace engagement, and modern solutions like Truvelop make it easier to deliver continuous feedback, improve engagement and identify, develop and retain top talent.

Embrace Flexibility

Truly embracing flexibility can be tricky if your employees are on the front lines. Still, you may want to consider flexible scheduling and hours to allow for the increased challenges employees have faced in the last year balancing their work-life. Adopting an empathic approach to leadership has become an important competency of successful managers in the last year. It’s time to let go of the rigid, hierarchical and outdated confines that defined the manager-employee relationship of the past. Instead, replace this legacy approach with increased focus on listenining, mindfulness and paying attention to mental health and overall employee wellbeing which are crucial aspects of employee engagement and retention in today’s complex workplace environment.

Revamp Your Employee Engagement Strategy with Truvelop

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