Retention in Manufacturing

November 10, 2022

Due to an aging workforce and a growing industry, it is estimated that manufacturers will have to fill 4.6 million jobs by 2028 according to Deloitte.

Like many industries, the manufacturing industry is struggling to recruit new employees. Manufacturers, however, face hurdles other industries do not: shifting skill sets due to the introduction of advanced technologies and misperceptions of manufacturing jobs.

As noted in the 2018 Deloitte study, “most companies expect job categories where they have rated the current shortage “very high”—digital talent, skilled production, operational managers—to triple in terms of difficulty in filling positions in the next three years.”

The recruitment challenges make retention and internal development of employees all the more critical.

To combat the growing number of retirees and build a pipeline of future talent, manufacturers need to focus on younger employees, providing skills development opportunities and a pathway for advancement.

According to a study from The Manufacturing Institute that examined retention and best practices within the industry, older workers and those in senior-level positions were more satisfied than younger employees – two-thirds of those under age 25 identified training and career opportunities as motivating factors in their decision to remain with their current employer.

An important first step in supporting the development of young front-line workers is developing managers to effectively lead and support these workers.

Retention efforts described by manufacturing leaders in The Manufacturing Institute study included, “actively involving employees, ensuring that every individual understands how their efforts are linked to overall company success and equipping front-line managers to support workers.”

Successful managers frequently engage with employees, working with them collaboratively to create development plans and paths for growth. Recognition of wins, big and small, is crucial to ensure employees feel valued.

It can be difficult for companies with large, distributed workforces to connect authentically with employees. This combined with the reality that most managers are never trained to be managers, employers need to invest time and resources into management coaching in order to drive retention of all employees.

With the Truvelop app, managers and employees can access it anywhere on any mobile device, and with AI-powered prompts, managers are provided suggested ways to engage with employees based on their performance and evaluation scores. The app also fosters two-way communication, so that employees can respond to a manager’s evaluation, or request an employee assessment. Managers and employees can recognize team members with Sparks, virtual notes of praise or encouragement.

With all performance metrics housed in one location, the Truvelop app makes it easier for managers to understand how to develop and coach each employee, and allows employees to also track progress.

Manufacturers can drive retention in 2023 with a strategic focus on manager-employee development.

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