Rethinking Performance Management for 2021

November 17, 2020

Last week, Governor Larry Hogan announced tightened social distancing restrictions for Maryland yet again. With this announcement came the recommendation to keep working from home if at all possible. At this point in the year, it’s become clear that remote workforce management isn’t going away any time soon. As such, it’s time to rethink performance management for 2021.

The Ideal Scenario

Effective performance management is key to the success of any business. In years past, performance reviews took place on an interval ranging from quarterly to annually, and that interval simply will not work in a hybrid or fully remote environment. Ideally, managers would provide continuous feedback to their employees to reward good work and offer constructive feedback. In the past, delivering frequent feedback on a consistent regular basis may not have been practical; these days, however, it’s a necessity. Luckily, modern tools can make it a reality, too.

Making it a Reality

At Truvelop, we genuinely believe we’ve created the right product for the right time. Our platform has empowered businesses across the mid-Atlantic to provide continuous, valuable feedback to their employees throughout the year. With Truvelop, completing quick employee assessments using our proprietary evaluation system and delivering real time feedback using ‘Sparks’ allows input to be recorded and presented to employees in just seconds. Each logged assessment and Spark is essentially a data point that managers can look back on to track employee progress, set goals and provide coaching where needed. When the time comes for yearly reviews, our platform allows managers to have a crystal-clear picture of which employees deserve praise and rewards for their consistent contributions and which employees could use a little extra motivation to improve moving forward.

Remembering Empathy

Keep in mind that consistently logging employee performance isn’t all about determining who deserves a pay raise at the end of the year. Continuous evaluation has also given businesses the means to see the entire talent landscape across the organization identifying which employees may be poorly deployed, need assistance, or maybe aren’t the best fit for their current role. We have to remember that personal challenges including health, well-being, and family responsibilities at home are weighing heavily on employees too. Ultimately, Truvelop can help make this transition to remote work easier by improving the relationship between managers and team members. Managers who use the Truvelop App are able to put critical leadership competencies to work by following the valuable, data-driven insights and proactive performance-based development recommendations Truvelop provides.

Truvelop: The Right Product for an Agile, Healthy Workforce

Truvelop’s solutions help businesses evaluate, develop, and maximize the performance of their team regardless of where they are working – remote, in office or via a hybrid model. Truvelop is committed to equipping managers with the tools necessary to continue to perfect their craft in engaging, developing and communicating with their team members, especially in complex work environments during these challenging, uncertain times well into 2021. Now is the time to rethink your performance management strategy.

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