Self-Improvement Tips Anyone Can Practice

September 29, 2020

Pandemic or not, remote or not, you’re always working hard and looking for opportunities to improve and be a strong contributor to the team’s success. Check out these great tips on how to be a leading contributor on the team:

  1. Communicate- Whether you are sharing your ideas, offering an opinion, or just checking in with your coworkers, effective communication will improve your relationships with your manager and the team. Truvelop’s Survey, Spark and Recognition Wall features offer app-based and fun ways to recognize colleagues, share ideas and solicit feedback. Teams can brainstorm via the Survey tool and leadership can celebrate a team-member’s achievement via Spark, which can of course be shared socially and publicly on the Recognition Wall.
  1. Collaborate- Collaboration is an easy tip, so we’ll take it one-step further. Be willing to share the work (and credit). Recognize that there really are no bad ideas (just ideas that don’t necessarily work for a particular project). Think and act outside the box by working across teams and across departments. Solicit feedback from multiple sources. You never know what great idea could come out of collaborating with people you’ve never worked with before.

  2. Construct- In truth, the tip is to give and accept constructive criticism. (Give us a break, we’re going for alliteration). Feedback and constructive criticism during review time are something everyone has to face. And when employee assessments are done only one time a year on an annual basis, they create panic, fear, defensiveness, and are just all in all a bad situation. By giving regular and action-based performance reviews, managers can foster a positive situation and employees will actually look forward to the review, AND they will see the criticism – if delivered constructively — as what it really is – an opportunity for growth. So be open to it!

Truvelop’s continuous performance management and development methodology allows managers to evaluate team members consistently throughout the year and provide regular feedback to team members every week, every month, in the moment when it counts.

Every employee has to start somewhere, and every employee wants to make their mark. These tips, combined with Truvelop’s proven system to evaluate and develop people into top performers and leading contributors will help you and your employees succeed.

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