Staying connected – how and when to check in without risk of overload

May 5, 2020

Ok so we’re a several weeks into this new remote work-world and we definitely have more than a few weeks ahead of us. At first it was calls and emails and chats and video calls and zooms and then more emails and extra meetings and you probably felt like you were talking to your team more than ever, and quite frankly probably wondering when anyone had time to work.

Well, now that you’ve settled in, it’s time to establish a frequency for staying connected without falling into a micro-management pitfall.

It’s actually pretty simple. You trusted your managers before – no reason not to trust them now. And remind them that they trusted their team before, and should continue to do so.

Three Basic Tips for How and How Often to Check In:

1. Continue regular assessments – and ask your employees if during these times they would like the assessments more often. Employee reviews should be treated as and communicated as a very positive means of development.

2. Continue with already scheduled 1:1 and team meetings. Use this time to stay connected and informed, and let your people know they should use these times as a way to stay focused and engaged.

3. Set expectations but be as flexible as you can. Most of your team is probably trying to homeschool their kids AND keep working full-time. No one wants to feel like they have to be working 24/7 and online at all times. Offering very clear direction on what is expected along with agreed-upon connection times gives you the opportunity to stay focused together.

Virtual does not need to mean disconnected. Stay as transparent as possible, check in regularly and you’ll come out of this with motivated employees ready to rise to the next task.

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