Summer Slump

July 13, 2021

The summer months can be a challenging period for businesses as employees lose focus amid vacations, evenings at the pool and opportunities to spend more time outdoors. Studies have shown that productivity can decrease 20% during the summer months!

In an article from Fast Company, career expert Wendi Weiner shares, “The relaxed atmosphere of summer can contribute to lower productivity. People’s attitudes change due to the heat, and they tend to focus on self-improvement and self-care. Sunshine boosts the serotonin and happiness in the brains of others and decreases analytical capabilities, thus diminishing desires to work.”

Maintaining production is important, but employers can also take this time to get creative and develop ways to increase engagement with employees. HR expert Tina Hamilton shares with SHRM that instead of fighting the summer slump, employers should embrace it, “You can’t change people’s feelings and emotions about wanting to be outside in summer. Allowing flexibility and encouraging time away from the office can help them focus when it’s time to work.”

Our team shares a few ways companies can take advantage of the warm summer months to boost morale and increase employee engagement.

  1. Offer an incentive for a stretch goal or completion of a project. Recognize employees’ hard work with special treats like an ice cream social, happy hour, or a trip to a local park or beach for a day of fun. Not only will employees appreciate the recognition, but you will also be creating opportunities to foster communication and team building that will last beyond the summer months.
  2. Consider flex time in some capacity. Half days once a month. Close the office every other Friday. Studies have shown that vacation improves an employee’s focus (78 percent) and alleviates burnout (81 percent).
  3. Communicate. Let employees know you recognize their hard work despite the reduced workforce due to vacations. Ask questions – make sure employees have what they need to get their work done. Encourage employees to take time off even if they don’t go away on vacation.

With the Truvelop app, managers can survey employees about incentives for the summer or develop a special schedule. They can also recognize hard work and accomplishments, big and small, with a Spark. An employee assessment during the summer can be a good way to track milestones, goals and acknowledge challenges that can come from a reduced workforce.

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