Purpose-Driven Work

Customer Success Story: The Vonachen Group

In March of 2023, Vonachen Group partnered with Truvelop to implement a proactive performance development tool for their team. Vonachen Group is a janitorial services and facilities management company headquartered in Peoria, IL, with locations across the Midwest....

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What You Missed in November 2023

Employees want to feel valued and know that their work matters. When organizations have clear purpose statements, it's a lot easier for managers to communicate an employee's impact. Purpose-driven organizations see better rates of engagement and retention - their...

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Guiding Your Team with Passion and Vision

In the past few years, the concept of purpose-driven leadership has gained significant momentum. It's a leadership approach that goes beyond just achieving organizational goals and profitability; it's about leading with a deeper sense of meaning and impact.  ...

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