Take a Human-Centric Approach to Leadership

February 27, 2024

In February’s Lunch and Learn, Take a Human Centric Approach to Leadership, the Truvelop team explored what it takes to implement a human-centric culture and what successful human-centric check-ins look like. By communicating with employees on a human-level, managers are boosting engagement, motivation, and feelings of belonging and commitment.

In today’s work environment, the separation of professional and personal selves is becoming blurred. Employees are seeking jobs that align their personal aspirations with their professional goals and objectives. If organizations have leaders that can inspire strong feelings of purpose, then employees are going to feel valued and motivated to create the best possible positive impact.


So, what does that look like?

Managers can layer in each of these elements through their development 1:1’s with their direct reports. By coming in with curiosity, seeking to understand, encouraging collaboration, and offering support, leaders can keep the human element in their check-ins.

For example, if a manager has a Steady Performer on their team, they may want to explore motivators, encourage collaboration, and invest in their professional development.

Being an effective leader doesn’t always come naturally, but there are absolutely skills that you can continue to work towards so that you’re able to inspire your team to perform at their full potential.
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