Tech Transforming The Way We Work

March 30, 2023

Employees and the digital transformation occurring across all industries are increasing the demand for technology tools. The field of HR is not excluded. Employees want more streamlined tools that simplify their daily tasks and improve engagement with their managers. For front-line employees, this is even more important to ensure they remain connected and receive the support they demand from managers.

Managers are rarely trained to be managers so as the pressure increases to drive employee performance and retention, they need tools to help them.

This week, our team had the opportunity to attend and exhibit at Transform 2023, a conference that brings together HR leaders and innovators to explore how technology is transforming the workplace. There were sessions and vendors covering social impact, workplace transformation, talent practices, implications of generative AI, leadership, culture, data and more.

There is no doubt that technology is changing the way we work from robots to AI. There are tech tools that help with recruitment and hiring, monitoring employees, and access to benefits and resources.

While automation can make jobs easier and reduce costs, it can also have an impact if they aren’t used correctly.

According to Harvard Business Review, “When working with an automated tools such as chatbots or a recommendation engines, authenticity is key. Across a series of five studies, researchers found that people react much more positively when a tool is presented in an authentic manner, and in particular, when its human origins are highlighted. Conversely, anthropomorphizing autonomous technologies by giving them human-like qualities actually makes them seem less authentic, worsening people’s experience when interacting with them.”

The Truvelop app provides a platform that is unique to the teams using it. Managers and employees are trained on how to use the tool but they are able to set it up and use it in ways that meet their goals and unique way they operate. The app fosters authentic engagement between managers and employees. Though AI-powered, the data and information inputted in the app are done by humans.

Aggregating the data in the app, Truvelop is able to provide managers with tips for ways to engage with employees based on their performance and individual score. The app also facilitates two-way communication so that managers can post recognition notes to employees, and employees can request employee assessments or post recognition of colleagues. According to OfficeVibe, 62% of employees wish they received more feedback from their colleagues.

Truvelop allows managers to create evaluations and surveys, while the tool aggregates the data and prompts managers to take action based on that data.

Tools like the Truvelop app helps managers – especially those of front-line workers – to create and monitor goals and performance, and regularly engage with employees to address concerns or celebrate successes in real time to drive retention.

When considering performance management technology tools, managers should look for those that authentically engage with employees, allow for flexibility to meet the unique needs of their team, and provide insights managers can leverage to meet the changing needs of employees and increase retention.

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