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Ellen Hafner
We love the value that this tool has brought to our managers in their ability to assess their employees on a more consistent basis and when promotion/salary increase time comes around this tool has proven to be invaluable!
Ellen Hafner
Dir of HR, First Financial Federal Credit Union
Kathy Humm
Employees are starving for real-time feedback. Truvelop is easy to use and encourages employee/manager engagement and records these valuable conversations to track trends in performance.
Kathy Humm
Dir of HR, Harkins Builders
Jason Dixon
By giving managers and employees easy access to engage with each other, Truvelop helps us close communication gaps. That creates data-rich conversations that help all our people improve performance and grow.
Jason Dixon
Partner, Neuberger & Co.
Tracey Webster
Truvelop is a great tool in achieving our performance management goals. Since we have begun using Truvelop, our leadership team is more in tune with the employees. We have experienced an increase in employee engagement and communication with everyone in the organization.
Tracey Webster
Office Manager/HR
Managers have commented that they no longer dread the monthly skill set assessments because they have all their data ready to go from using the Truvelop tool on a daily basis. All the subjectivity is gone with actual daily input on each employee captured in the Truvelop system.
Kelly Cullum
Owner, Best Friends Fur Ever
Upper Chesapeake (2) (1)
The Truvelop platform provides tremendous insight into performance and engagement of the frontline team, while also helping our managers become more skillful at providing focused feedback to drive achievement of our health system goals.
Colin Ward
Interim COO, Upper Chesapeake Health
Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 12.39.15 PM
In today’s environment with a more remote workforce, Truvelop’s virtual performance management application is an ideal balance between true accountability, team connectivity and real time conversations.
Kendall Coleman
Partner, CST Group
Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 5.54.55 PM
With Truvelop, our field supervisors will finally have a user-friendly tool that ensures that all employee evaluations will be standardized, on time and will include “coaching insights” that will help our supervisors and managers better understand our workforce.
Greg Buchner
President & CEO, CleanOffice
Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 12.41.55 PM
I find this (Truvelop) very useful because in the moment that you see, hear or come across something in a file, their evaluation may be 8 -10 months away and we cannot rely on our memories as we get older.
Michael Bishop
Executive Director, Housing Authority of Independence

Case Study - Best Friends Fur Ever

By the spring of 2019, Kelly Cullum, owner and CEO of Best Friends Furever faced the classic challenge of a business and a workforce growing faster than she could keep track of. Her company offers premier dog daycare and boarding services.

That means a workforce and a product that is on the move. Feedback becomes quite the challenge when everyone literally has their hands full.

Kelly describes the challenge this way:

“Our leaders are out there trying to assess how their team’s doing and making mental notes and I’ve got to talk to that person and what the heck happened with those water buckets. And suddenly the list is written out on the pad but the feedback isn’t going to be as sharp.”

Enter Truvelop. Kelly came to us and asked if there was a way we could merge their old approach, a manual checklist, with digital technology. When we checked that box, literally and figuratively, it transformed evaluations from a heavy lift to easy engagement, engagement the staff embraced as soon as they saw how easy the solution is to use.

Assistant director of facilities, Amanda Selig, describes the transformation this way: “Having the app on your phone and so accessible is such a great feature. The staff have really enjoyed being able to give that instant feedback as opposed to when they sit down with the staff on a monthly basis they tend to forget some of the great things that the staff has done throughout that period of time.”

For Best Friends Fur Ever, like many businesses, the economic uncertainties of the future require flexibility and an agile workforce. And while Kelly and her team may have first come to Truvelop to improve their approach to evaluations, they value the solution more than ever because they see how it will help them navigate and not merely survive, but thrive, in a business climate that requires the ability to engage, evaluate, and perform—and in ways no one—including the CEO—even thought of at the start of the year. 

“Now we have some very interesting things to evaluate people on,” Kelly Cullum says. “I never thought as a business owner I would be able to teach some life skills and so some of these evals are going to be very different and I think our people are looking forward to it. The tool itself is being used in a very different way than I ever thought and it is very critical because people are trying to figure out, ‘Hey, I’m not doing the job I was trained for but am I doing okay?’”

And the answer is yes, Best Friends Furever has doubled its evaluations since launching Truvelop. They have rapidly grown their use of Sparks—by nearly 1000% since January and they have tailored the solution to help them manage both their known opportunities and the unforeseeable challenges that inevitably present themselves.

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