Thank You to Our Fall Intern Andressa!

November 15, 2022

This fall, the Truvelop team had the pleasure of working with Andressa Carvalho Viscone. She interned with us to fulfill her Senior Project Internship with the University of Baltimore’s I/O Psychology program.

“My internship with Truvelop was enriching in many ways. I had the opportunity to shadow meetings with customers and participate in the weekly team meetings, where I learned how a cohesive team collaborates and interacts. I also created my own project plan and learned how to use Canva and HubSpot to create presentations, creative images, a webpage, and newsletters. Working on these projects allowed me to put into practice the theories and concepts I’ve been learning as an industrial-organizational psychology student. As so, I finish this experience more confident in my professional skills.” – Andressa Carvalho Viscone 


Andressa is currently a student at the University of Baltimore studying Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  She interned at Truvelop from September – November 2022 and got hands-on experience with projects such as making a webpage and creating bi-weekly newsletters for the Truvelop team.  Andressa is originally from Brazil and has a passion for leveraging a cross-cultural lens when analyzing patterns and best practices for organizational development.  This has given her a unique perspective that especially aligns with Truvelop’s diverse customer base.


Truvelop has been had a long working relationship with the University of Baltimore’s I/O Psychology Department.  Dr. Glazer and her team were part of the original group that validated the Truvelop proprietary assessment, helping us to become the leading data-driven performance management platform that we are today.  Andressa is one of Dr. Glazer’s current students, so when the Internship opportunity became known, we knew that it was going to be a great fit for both parties.


During Andressa’s internship, she created a webpage for Truvelop’s Knowledge Center discussing Managers as Coaches and how to best coach a team to excellence. For this project, Andressa created several worksheets and guides to aid Managers in team-building, strengthening their purpose, planning for success, and so much more.  Coaching Best Practices is a one-stop for Managers who are looking for guidance on how to best connect with their team as a coach.


Throughout her internship with the Truvelop team, Andressa also created bi-weekly Newsletters.  Each newsletter had a different theme and contained top articles and statistics around current trends that are affecting performance, development, and retention.  These newsletters had an immediate impact on Truvelop content production, giving the team a wealth of resources that they could apply for blogs, eBooks, Lunch & Learns, and more.


The Truvelop team had a great time working with Andressa and we wish her all the best as she continues her journey. We can’t wait to see all that she achieves! The work she contributed has already made an impact for current end users & will continue to do so.

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