Thank you to our Summer Intern!

September 6, 2022

This summer, the Truvelop team had the pleasure of working with Ky’onna Alston. She interned with us through Baltimore Tracks.

I got experience in a variety of tasks while I interned there, such as shadowing customer calls, making a webpage, making in-app guides for the platform, and sending out newsletters to the team.  I learned new software such as Pendo, Hubspot, and Canva which I really enjoyed, especially the creative aspects of working with these software.” – Ky’onna Alston 


Ky’onna Alston is a student at the University of Baltimore studying Simulation and Game Design.  As an aspiring game designer and developer Ky’onna enjoys spending any large amount of free time learning new skills and working on personal projects related to game development.  She interned at Truvelop from July – August 2022 and got hands-on experience with projects such as making a webpage and creating in-app guides for Truvelop’s web-app.  Ky’onna is also passionate about receiving and implementing constructive feedback into her work because it helps with catching errors and tends to have better end-results than projects that did not receive constructive feedback.


Truvelop has been working with Baltimore Tracks since 2020 when it was first founded. Through the partnership, Truvelop is actively working towards increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech. This year, Baltimore Tracks partnered with Code in the Schools to connect Baltimore Tracks organizations with students to learn more about the tech industry. Our team was lucky enough to be partnered with Ky’onna, an exceptional young woman with the perfect balance of curiosity and a can-do attitude.


During Ky’onna’s internship, she created a webpage for Truvelop’s Knowledge Center discussing employee retention best practices using HubSpot. For this project, Ky’onna created a wireframe and collaborated with the CS team to ensure success for the look, structure, and content. Check it out here: Retention Best Practices.

With Ky’onna’s skills in simulation and game design, she created in-app Guides with Pendo for Truvelop’s web-app to help new users onboard successfully, remind users of upcoming events, and bring attention to certain app features. With Pendo, she also helped our team compile data into an Excel spreadsheet and Canva deck that was presented to Truvelop’s Executive Board.

During Onboarding, Ky’onna thoroughly learned and understood Truvelop as a product. With this understanding, she was able to draft and send out weekly newsletters about various HR tech related topics such as Employee Retention and Manager–Employee Relations.


The Truvelop team had a great time working with Ky’onna and we wish her all the best as she continues her journey. The work she contributed has already made an impact for current end users & will continue to do so.

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