The Future of HR Tech

January 23, 2020

[Archived from 11/25/19]

2020 has to have something coming. Mars colonization? Nuclear fusion? AI advancements? What about HR performance management tech?

All scientific revolution has shown us is the power to make change. In the HR world, better tech can only mean better business. Inputting new technologies in the workplace tests a new limit for where employee management and training can go. Are the old ways still viable, or is 2020 when business and meaningful technological advancement meet?

Thinking back to typewriters, colossal filing cabinets, manilla folders, time clock punch cards that could help you lose a finger. Have we really made advancements? I guess if you consider ease of use an advancement. Some business practices haven’t changed since the 20th century and the boom that was industrialization.

The power of new technology should not be ignored, and should be introduced into your work environments. “There are over 220 employee engagement software tools and apps.” (G2 Crowd)

The next technological advancement in my eyes in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Creating a technology where we can view the world in our own abstract way. It’s more than seeing something, it’s visualizing thought into a tangible idea. With AR becoming more affordable and accessible, applications for the powerful technology are always being uncovered. Think training simulators for military or NASA, think having a cluttered virtual desk, but to really be an empty table.

Products such as STRIVR bring something new to business that we’ve never seen before.

“VR is intended to provide complete mental transportation,” – Derek Belch

Visualizing data is important for business. Truvelop visualizes your companies data, pain points and your best performers. Although Truvelop isn’t a VR or AR tool, we do what they were made to do. Dashboards are clear, employee scoring is easy and rewarding. Our whole tool represents where technology should be going in the next decade.