The Importance of Communication, Now More Than Ever

July 6, 2021

As employees begin returning to the office and companies adapt to a hybrid workplace with some employees working remotely, communication will be more important than ever before.

Generally, employees can handle change, good news, bad news. What they can’t handle is no news. Employees want to be informed. A lack of information or communication from leadership can leave employees feeling isolated, affecting morale and confidence in job security. Ineffective communication can increase misunderstanding, impact trust, and foster hostility among employees.

A recent survey showed that 91% of employees think their leaders lack communication skills.

According to an article in Inc about the survey, respondents said the communication issues that impair effective leadership are as follows:

  • Not recognizing employee achievements — reported by 63 percent of respondents
  • Not giving clear directions — 57 percent
  • Not having time to meet with employees — 52 percent
  • Refusing to talk to subordinates — 51 percent
  • Taking credit for others’ ideas — 47 percent
  • Not offering constructive criticism — 39 percent
  • Not knowing employees’ names — 36 percent
  • Refusing to talk to people on the phone/in-person — 34 percent
  • Not asking about employees’ lives outside of work — 23 percent

Two-way communication is essential. Even if you offer performance management platforms to drive internal communication, there needs to be a culture that values open communication so that employees can ask questions and voice opinions without fear of negative repercussions.

According to SHRM, most HR professionals and organizational leaders agree that linking corporate communication to business strategy is essential to effective and consistent business operations.

In its managing communication toolkit, SHRM shares that with a formal and comprehensive communication strategy, organizations can ensure that they:

  • Communicate consistent messages.
  • Establish a recognizable employment brand.
  • Deliver messages from the top that are congruent with the organization’s mission, vision and culture.

To learn more about trends and effective approaches to employee communication and engagement, and how the Truvelop app can help your company foster valuable two-way communication with employees to boost productivity and morale, contact a member of our sales team.