The Importance of Transparent Communication

August 25, 2021

Earlier today, Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted August’s Truvelop User Community Lunch and Learn about The Importance of Transparent CommunicationCollaborating with Truvelop customer DP Solutions’ President, Karyn Schell, the women explored the benefits of adopting a transparent culture, what that can look like in action, and how DP Solutions leverages Truvelop to drive transparent conversations surrounding talent development. We heard a lot of amazing ideas and perspectives from our user community, making this Lunch and Learn one of our best ones yet.   

Benefits of Practicing Transparent Communication

When talking about the benefits of Transparent Communication, we broke it down into three main pillars: Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness

  • Autonomy:  When we’re being transparent with our Team Members, we are encouraging them to take ownership of their work.  Sharing regular honest feedback during an employee assessment instills a sense of safety in making “intelligent mistakes” as they know that their Manager will provide accurate and objective feedback to guide them towards success.  When we avoid sugarcoating, we’re able to give our Team Member’s control over their performance and help them to make adjustments in the moment.  
  • Competence: Being transparent with our Team Members is crucial to developing a strong sense of competence.  With proactive, objective feedback, our Team Members know exactly where they stand in any given moment.  Additionally, by sharing regular feedback we are helping our Team Members to grow efficiently, strengthening their sense of high competence.  
  • Relatedness:  Transparent communication leads to greater trust and stronger relationships between the Manager and Employee.  Frequent touchpoints also make it easier to be more transparent and have difficult or uncomfortable conversations as there is a previously established relationship of honesty.  Additionally, organizations that are transparent can help Employees to feel connected to the organizational values and have a sense of pride in the brand that they represent.  

Transparent Communication with Karyn Schell

During the Lunch and Learn, Karyn shared how transparency is a core component of DP Solutions’ culture.  When talking about how Truvelop has helped to facilitate transparent communication, Karyn shared the following:

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During times of transition, Team Members want to know that their Managers and organizations are going to be open and honest.  Having transparent relationships built from a shared desire for development is a great place to start.  With Truvelop, we’re increasing touchpoints and strengthening the Manager-Team Member relationship.  Contact us today to learn more about our modern approach to performance management and development that actually improves the manager and employee relationship. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our Customers have to say.