The Manager Influence

April 20, 2022

Yesterday, we held our first in-person Lunch and Learn, hosted by our friends at Harkins Builders in Columbia, Maryland. Special thank you to everyone who was able to make it! We had so much fun seeing our users in person and exploring the topic of Am I a Good Manager?  

Anyone can be assigned a manager role, but it takes time and effort to truly level up into a leader that inspires, engages, and creates the best possible experience for their team. Managers are the first line of defense against low engagement and turnover, so equipping your team with the resources and skills to become effective leaders is crucial for organizational growth and success.  


So what differentiates a leader from a manager?  During the Lunch and Learn we asked the audience to think back to the best managers they’ve ever had and why they were such a great leaders.  It ultimately came down to how they communicated: frequently, authentically, personally, and with a growth-oriented mindset.  It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.  Simply communicating to collaborate and support can strengthen the Manager-Employee relationship and increase the positive perception of one’s leadership competencies.  

However, it’s also important to acknowledge the barriers to being an effective leader. With imposter syndrome, lack of time, perfectionism, and feeling overwhelmed with where to start, Managers need guidance, resources, and support to level up into the Leaders that they have the potential to be.  

With Truvelop, we’re empowering Managers by taking the guesswork out of where their team is performing today. They have Employee Assessment Summaries and Insights to reference for meaningful, data-driven development conversations. The Manager Resource Center is constantly being updated with new guides and resources to encourage continuous growth and development. With Truvelop Tips and Lunch and Learns, our users are coming together to hear about best practices and have discussions with other leaders about what has worked for them.  

Contact us today to learn more about our modern approach to performance management and development that actually improves the manager and employee relationship by taking your managers to the next level. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our Customers have to say.