The New Normal & What It Means for the Restaurant & Service Industries

August 18, 2020

Let’s just face it – we are in crazy times. Our world has been turned upside down. Our work, our family, and our communities. Speaking of work, how is your company dealing with team members in this new normal?

Many workers with management and professional occupations will be able to continue working from home. However, those in the service and hospitality industries will have to physically return to work. Employees who can continue to work from home will inherently be at a lower risk of exposure to the virus compared to those who cannot. Those in the service and hospitality industries will be at higher risk, and they may decide not to return to those jobs.

Millions of the restaurant workers across the country that have lost their jobs due to COVID are now struggling to make ends meet, whilst having no assurance they will be able to find work with social distancing restrictions.  

Business Insider put it bluntly; “3 million out of work, $25 billion lost.” These workers deserve to get their jobs back if and when their restaurants reopen. However, some may not have jobs to go back to. “11% of the more than 4,000 restaurant owners and operators surveyed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA)…said that they anticipate they will permanently close.” So the question becomes, if these jobs do become available once again, will those employees decide to return to the industry?

This decision should not come at zero cost. Those returning team members deserve loyalty from their employers, especially in the middle of a disaster such as a pandemic. Many team members look at the restaurant industry as a short-term employment to pay for school or to offset expenses they face, but many look at this industry as their job for life.

We at Truvelop believe that keeping a cohesive team together ensures a smooth and efficient operation and promotes staff loyalty. Communicating, evaluating, and developing team members will give you the best opportunity to fight though these crazy times and get back the sales and profitability you have lost.

Truvelop was created to do just that. Ours is an employee assessment and talent development solution. It creates multiple opportunities for managers and team members to interact. And during these uncertain times, with employees working from so many remote locations, a retention solution like Truvelop is the tool you need to stay connected and engaged.

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