The State of Employee Engagement Through Transition

June 9, 2021

This past year has been full of changes and transitions, and it’s not letting up quite yet. Our talent landscape is shifting at an unprecedented rate, as hybrid workforces become mainstream, as we face a mass exodus of Boomers retiring, and as we navigate the changes in what’s important to our team members. According to Jennifer Liu, CNBC contributor, “1 in 4 US workers is considering quitting their job in the coming months.” Should 25% of our workforce actually move around, this will be even more change that we need to address.

With these major shifts, it’s crucial that we overcommunicate. Uncertainty can lead to low engagement and motivation and even result in increased turnover. This expected period of transition is something that Truvelop strives to help managers handle smoothly and effectively by providing key tools that analyze current and relevant data to support employee retention strategies.

As mentioned, to improve employee engagement, especially in high-stress periods, it is important to maintain consistent, clear, and productive communication among your organization. Employees should be recognized when they perform well, boosting their confidence which will only improve their performance long-term. Trying to remember the feedback you’ve given to each team member can become difficult, so document those coaching moments! This way, your team member can always reference what you shared.

The lack of face-to-face interaction in the workplace through this transition can make talent retention and employee engagement difficult to navigate, but Truvelop is here to help.

In Truvelop’s The State of Employee Engagement Through Transition e-book, we explore the many challenges of remote and hybrid work on employee engagement and offer tips for improving your team’s engagement while virtual.

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