The Truth About Performance Management

September 18, 2020

How is your employee experience? According to Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Report for 2020, companies that offer their employees an enriching experience are more likely to have energized, engaged workers.
As organizations develop their HR strategies this year, a focal point will be improving both in-office and remote employee experiences. In fact, 58% of organizations are redesigning their companies to become more people-focused. Continuous feedback platforms are a critical piece of the puzzle. Bottom line, it’s time to rethink your performance management and development strategy.
When we founded Trigger Transformation Inc, aka Truvelop, back in 2017, we did so with the intention of disrupting the annual review methodology to be more consistent and data driven, using real time evaluation and continuous feedback from managers as data points. As we continue to grow and further develop our product, now is a great time to share the valuable insights we have gained and start providing a recap of all things Truvelop. We encourage you to subscribe to Truvelop’s TruTalk, where you can join our community, celebrate our success and check out the latest trends in performance management and development.


Like most companies in HR tech, we experienced a delay in the sales pipeline during the early months of the pandemic as CEO’s and HR leaders were dealing with the immediate response to COVID-19. The good news is we did not lose a single customer due to COVID-19 and saw increased utilization of the App as many companies shifted to remote workforce management. Here are some of our latest utilization stats:

These statistics tell a very important story. Remember, one of the many benefits of using Truvelop is improving employee engagement and productivity through continuous performance evaluation and feedback. The current climate has made employee engagement a top concern for companies across the country with team members feeling isolated, anxious, and uncertain about the future. Truvelop Managers are completing multiple employee assessments throughout the year – monthly and even weekly – and delivering real time feedback in the moment – when it counts. Increasing employee touchpoints and communication is paramount to the ongoing success of any employee engagement strategy. Bottom line, we built the right product at the right time as Truvelop is adding value now more than ever.