Three Pillars to Success in Remote Work Times

May 19, 2020

The recent pandemic has tested the strength and resilience of our workplaces. Depending on industry and location, some businesses have flourished and sadly, many others have had to shut down – some temporarily, some permanently.

Truvelop’s solution was actually built on three pillars – responsiveness, agility and adaptability – in order to meet the needs of companies struggling with employee assessments, development and motivation, even before COVID-19 stopped us all in our tracks. These three pillars have brought us – and our clients – marked success.

In this new normal of remote work, Truvelop has stayed on top of the needs of businesses, and has developed several new features that align with our three pillars to success: My Wall, Spark!, and Teams. We are seeing increased usage from our clients, who are seeing exponential success as a result.

My Wall: Responsive Recognition
Truvelop was based on “Fast. Easy. Mobile.” and we developed My Wall to enable managers and employees to give and share instant feedback and gratification.

When an employee receives recognition, it can be posted on their Truvelop Wall for the entire organization to see and celebrate. In a time when employees feel so disconnected, receiving public accolades for their accomplishments created a virtual connection people really need right now.

Spark!: Agile Evaluation
Truvelop and its app-based evaluation system was created to be faster and more nimble than most HR performance management tech solutions. We have succeeded in creating our diverse and quick 15-question survey that gives team members an accurate score of where they are in your talent landscape. Our Spark! feature gives managers an on-the-fly, immediate way to give employees feedback. As a Spark! take less than two minutes, agility is the name of the game in today’s hectic workplace.

Teams Permissions & Dimensions: Adaptive Landscapes
Yes, Truvelop is fast and responsive, but that means nothing if the business climate changes (even more than it’s already changed of late). Adaptability is vital if you want your company to succeed. Our Permissions and Dimensions feature was built to adapt to any company setup. Do you want only your managers to see team member scores? Do you want to limit dashboard statistics or group team members together? Permissions and Dimensions can address hundreds of possible configurations to meet any and all evaluation needs.

These features just scratch the surface of what Truvelop really delivers. Our pillars of success can help you evaluate, motivate and develop your managers and employees. Visit to learn more!