Tips on Talent Retention

July 20, 2021

Company leaders and managers are inundated with more challenges and considerations around the workforce than ever before. How to transition back to the office? How to respond to the new, increased demand for work-from-home options? Can we require COVID-19 vaccinations? How do we adapt our production and revenue strategy around this new post-pandemic world? What new renovations to the office space will need to be considered?

All of this is in addition to traditional concerns regarding talent recruitment and retention.

According to Forbes, “A recent survey of 2,000 workers conducted by Achievers Workforce Institute found that 52% are looking for a new job, up from 35% a year earlier.

Yes, the war on talent is fierce. However, this is your OPPORTUNITY to reevaluate your talent resources. What are your gaps? How can you approach talent engagement differently? Are there new ways to recognize and engage high-performing employees?

For many companies, engagement with most employees is restricted to annual employee assessments and exit interviews. Valuable employees are often overlooked until it’s too late. Instead of communicating with employees only when there is a challenge, make an effort to engage with employees – especially high-performing employees – intermittently.

Ask questions to help you better understand their perspective, challenges and vision for the future.

  • “What do you look forward to when you come to work each day?”
  • “What would make your job more satisfying?”
  • “Are there barriers to you achieving your goals or making your job feel more fulfilling?”

In addition to analyzing ways to improve opportunities for success for employees, this is also the time for companies to evaluate pay and benefits. Are women paid less than men? What about minorities or other diverse employees? Are promotional and professional development opportunities available in an equitable manner?

The bottom line for most employers is they can no longer take any employee for granted. With the Truvelop app, managers can track performance, recognize successes, and engage with employees near and far. Communication and active listening is key to talent retention.

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