Top 10 Places to Work: What makes them so great year after year?

July 31, 2020

Every year Fortune Magazine puts out its list of Top 10 places to work, and every year many of the same companies make the list. Why? What are they doing?

The adage “happy spouse, happy house” actually applies here. Happy customers are pivotal to a company’s success. And happy employees generate happy customers.

Check out our look into some of Fortune’s Top 10 and what makes them so special.

  1. Hilton Hilton is ranked as the number one place to work within the U.S. year after year. Hilton drives engagement and retention with their employees through an ongoing increase in their employee benefits offerings, such as parental leave and adoption assistance. Hilton’s employee stock purchase gives employees a sense of pride and ownership as an added bonus.
  2. Wegmans – Wegmans provides their employees with job related growth opportunities to keep their employees excited about their roles. Wegmans recently gave their produce workers the opportunity to become farm-to-table ambassadors, highlighting their awareness of industry trends and changes and commitment to employee growth and development.
  3. Workday – Workday’s Opportunity Onramps offers trainings, internships, and job opportunities for candidates that would not necessarily meet required job skillsets. This program emphasizes Workday’s focus on equal opportunity and inclusion efforts across a broader more diverse candidate pool. 
  4. Stryker – Two of Stryker’s core values emphasize the value of their people and the need for diversity. These values alone show a dedication to diversity and inclusion efforts and puts their employees at the forefront of the organization’s success.
  5. American Express – More than 92% of employees at American Express said that it was a great place to work. Amex’s employees view management as honest and ethical which is a key driver of employee engagement and retention.

After reviewing the top 10 places to work, we noticed some common themes across these award winning organizations. They put their people first and diversity, inclusion, transparency and an emphasis on employee growth and development are top priorities. One of the many benefits of Truvelop is that it encourages frequent communication between managers and employees about what matters most to employees – how am I doing, how can I do better and what are my growth opportunities?

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