Truvelop and the Future of Work

January 22, 2021

The unprecedented events of 2020 took everyone by surprise. Everybody had to quickly adapt to the circumstances of Covid-19, including me as a college student at Salisbury University who had to adapt to on-line learning. Workplaces had to endure one of the biggest transitions for businesses than ever before. Remote work clearly existed before the year 2020, however, not for everyone.

With all employees and functions of a business moving to remote work, many adjustments had to of been made, creating realizations across the workforce. Let’s look at HR. Human Resources realized the advancement of technology and the reality of its importance for remote work becoming a major factor in our future of work. In fact, world-renowned HR expert, John Bersin stated “…the connection between life and work begins with understanding how technology and design can help workplaces evolve” (@Dell Technologies). Keep reading as we explain more in depth on what the future of work will look like regarding this digital transformation and how Truvelop can help!  

  1. Shift in use of technology: Technology has always been used to manage and track productivity within a company, and as John Bersin would say, “hindering the integration of life and work”. However, due to remote work, the use for technology has greatly expanded. Technology is now used to drive connections, for collaboration, to host conferences and competitions, to evaluate performance, and more. The use for simple technologies has progressively become way more versatile than ever before. Truvelop is an example of a tool, that adapts to all these changes in the workforce. This is beneficial as it will help you navigate through different remote task without requiring you to always having to use a different technology tool.
  1. Connection between work and life: You always hear people talking about it is important to have a “work-life” balance. As it is extremely essential, it is not as needed to differentiate the two as people would expect. Remote work has made us realize, that it is completely normal to allow transparency with normal life events. Having conference meetings while still having to be attentive to your kids and home life is what John Bersin describes as “humanizing”. People try so hard to separate the two, when in actuality, it is unrealistic to do so. This remote work transition has taken the pressure off a lot of workers in terms of trying to be the “perfect worker”.
  1. Hybrid workspaces: Hybrid workspaces are now looking like a “new normal” when entering 2021. As some offices will be hesitant to revert to having everyone come back to the office, while also not wanting to be fully remote, hybrid spaces are the way to go. John Bersin states that he sees hybrid workspaces implementing more collaboration tools in the future. Meaning, there will be more ways to measure employee performance, such as how they are feeling and performing not only physically, but mentally as well.
  1. Replacement of outdated HR tools: Outdated HR performance management tools such as manual or annual performance evaluations will only hinder the growth of your employees, as stated before. Having a technological system to help track employee performance is a necessity going into 2021. 2020 has shown us how important it is to continuously track employees, even daily, especially due to the new circumstances. Truvelop is the modern approach to performance management, that will keep the structure of managing your employees.

Although the shift that is occurring in the workforce this year may seem overwhelming, it is important to recognize all the benefits that are coming with it. All of these digital transformations will eventually lead to work becoming more efficient, while becoming more personally connected to employees and better understanding their individual needs. Every worker is different and will adapt differently and at their own pace. Therefore, taking advantage of these versatile technologies will further help you achieve success within your company. As stated before, Truvelop is one of those technologies that is here to help companies adapt and adjust to the challenges that lie ahead with the future of work.


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