An easy-to-use Performance Management and Development Solution for an Engaged, Motivated and Productive Workforce

Now more than ever, real-time employee feedback is essential to managing teams in today’s complex work environment. Truvelop’s modern technology is available through the web or our award-winning mobile App. Truvelop enables your organization to generate measurable ROI through seamless employee reviews, continuous performance management and feedback, micro-learning development resources and AI-enabled coaching that are proven to drive engagement and retention of top talent.

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Truvelop gives leaders and managers access and visibility into relevant data and metrics, guiding them towards an evidence based approach to managing team member and organizational growth and development initiatives. 

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HR Professionals:

Truvelop gives HR professionals powerful, easy-to-use tools that help them gain valuable insight into trends, strengths, and growth areas of the team members they manage in real-time.

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Team Members:

Allow team members to know where they stand in real-time and gain a fundamental understanding of how managers see their role and contribution. Identify and track career development paths and track their success on those paths.


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