Truvelop Intern Journal Pt. 2

January 23, 2020

[Archived from 1/13/20]

Since my last update in September 2019, Truvelop and I have changed a lot.

The growth of my career and the growth of Truvelop was something I never expected to be a part of and now I find myself in a whole other level of engagement. Speaking of engagement, Truvelop has grown into the ultimate tool for leaders. Over the past few months, we added a feature called Spark. Spark is a great way to give small comments of feedback and praise, when a normal Truvelop evaluation would be unnecessary. This allows managers to give instantaneous feedback (on a mobile device) wherever and whenever they see something good (or bad) an employee has done. This may seem like a small update, but to the Truvelop team, it marked a huge change for what our company will become.



We also started a new relationship with the University of Baltimore’s Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences. This new relationship and their team will be helping us prepare a preliminary validation study on our evaluation algorithm. They will also be providing us with an intern to help in that process.

Even more exciting, we will soon be launching a bi-directional feature to the Trigger tool which will now loop in employees to the evaluation process. This is going to change how clients and their employees use the tool and change your company culture for the better.

We also launched our 30-day free trial opportunity, which lets anyone interested try out the tool and see if it works for their organization. Click here to check it out:

30 Day Free-Trial

It’s interesting seeing where my career has grown and what the job description has morphed into since I started. Being in a startup, no one has a set position. I could be writing a blog, updating and posting on LinkedIn, mining for leads or working our booth at various events. I never know what to expect when I walk into this office, but it’s always something I enjoy.

Being a part of the Truvelop team for more than 6 months now has taught me more than I could imagine. Working with smart and devoted people really rubs off. Doing blogs every month has improved my writing skills and being in an office environment has boosted my soft skills, all the while meeting and getting to know very amazing and talented people.

Truvelop has been attending and participating in various networking events in the Baltimore area. I worked the booth at BetaCity which puts me in a place that isn’t comfortable for me, but that has gotten easier for me over time. I plan on attending a lot more in 2020. The Truvelop team also attended the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore’s annual event and our founders Lisa First-Willis and Gerry Sandusky presented at an event in December for the Howard County Human Resources Society.

Writing all of this out made me feel really accomplished. Thank you Truvelop for giving me a once in a lifetime experience.

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