Truvelop Product Summit 2023

July 25, 2023

In the past year, Truvelop has nearly doubled in size. Our customers are getting bigger and their needs are evolving. In order to best support our users, we are always looking for ways to grow. Last week, the Truvelop team hosted their 2023 Product Summit to share what we’ve been working on and what users can expect to see in app in the next few months.

The Product Summit began with a review of what the Truvelop team has accomplished in the past six months. This included additional filters for Sparks, Truvelop Toolkits, and an updated infrastructure to better support our growing customer base. Equipping our users with tools that make for a more efficient experience is always a top priority, especially for our frontline field workers. We know that they need a tool that will save them time and effort as they move from project to project.

Throughout the summit, we pulsed our attendees for their thoughts and perspectives. Listening to and understanding the user stories presented allows us to craft enhancements that perfectly meet the needs of our customers. Here at Truvelop, we believe in cultivating true partnerships with our customers. They have a voice in shaping the future of the product so it is representative of their industry and can address the pain points of their users.

We gained a lot of insightful feedback from our attendees and are looking forward to continuing to develop the Truvelop product! A special thank you to all those that participated and shared their experiences.

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