Truvelop Retains Front-Line and Hourly Workers

April 4, 2023

Last week was a busy time for the Truvelop team! We had team members in Las Vegas attending the Transform 2023 conference and then followed up with the Cleaning and Cocktails event hosted by Rozalado Services back in Washington D.C.  Throughout all of our conversations, there was one theme that became abundantly clear: Truvelop is the ONLY HR performance management solution focused on front-line and hourly worker retention.

Transform 2023

We started the week is Las Vegas to attend Transform 2023 as a start-up vendor. Transform is all about having conversations to shape the new world of work. It was an incredible opportunity to explore shared experiences in the developmental journey with other people leaders and vendors and hear about the impact all of these amazing products are making. In the various breakout sessions at the conference, we learned about sustainability in the workplace, employee engagement versus experience, best practices for modeling culture, and so much more.

Juliana Withers, Senior Customer Relationship Manager with Truvelop observed:

“The employee experience is definitely taking the spotlight. All of the breakout sessions boiled down to how to invest in your team so that you can engage and retain your top talent. It was really great to hear so many large organizations put the focus on the human element in work. It so perfectly connected the importance of HR tech and why what we and so many other groups are doing, matters. What makes Truvelop so different is that we have a completely unique and underserved customer base in mind. It was really reaffirming and inspiring to hear from our colleagues that we are making an impact with a group that historically has not been included in these developmental conversations.”

Barrett Hennessey, Senior Account Executive with Truvelop shared:

“Having the opportunity to partake in Transform 2023 was such a great experience.  There was great knowledge share with the people leaders and vendors.  The key take away was “Front-Line Workers Matter” and we need to stop ignoring them, let them know that their work matters, all while making them feel valued and like they belong. 

The one thing that kept coming up in every conversation with investors, people leaders, and colleagues was that Truvelop is the only retention solution they have seen geared to help the front-line worker.”

From speaking on a podcast about DEI strategies in the modern workplace with our friend William Tincup at Recruiting Daily, to building new strategic partnerships, to seeing Nelly perform at the close of the conference, it’s easy to say that our team had a blast participating in Transform 2023. 

Cleaning and Cocktails 2023

To close out the week, the Truvelop team headed to the 4th Annual Cleaning and Cocktails event hosted by Rozalado Services. Rozalado Services is a facility services management organization based out of Chicago that is rooted in investing in their people. By partnering with other facility services groups, they’ve been able to create a community that puts their people first, while maintaining a competitive position in the market.

At the event, our team strengthened relationships and built new foundations.  Meryl Goeke, Senior Customer Relationship Manager, shared:

“What a great event to meet more business owners in the cleaning industry! We heard about current priorities, opportunities, and excitement for what’s to come in the industry. Company priorities are constantly shifting but employee retention and engagement is always a top priority – that’s where Truvelop comes in! Looking forward to scheduling demos and furthering conversations with the attendees.”

Our newest member to the Truvelop team, Account Executive Tim Murcek, observed:

The relationships and collaboration fostered at Cleaning & Cocktails were awesome to see. As we so often find, the number one issue folks in this industry face is keeping their people around and getting the most out of them. No other HR solution on the market is tailoring their product to meet the needs of the hourly workforce.”

Truvelop CEO Lisa First-Willis said it best,

“With current labor conditions hitting front line and hourly workforces the hardest, Truvelop’s value proposition is truly resonating more and more with so many organizations and in a traditionally underserved market in HR tech. Bottom line, we have the right product, at the right time, serving the right market and its working. I am so proud of our amazing team and the work that we are doing. We are super excited to continue building relationships and shaping the future of work for hourly workers!”

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