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Truvelop brings powerful value to all levels and members of your organization.

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Truvelop gives leaders critical data and visibility into metrics in the employee evaluation and talent management process. It reduces the cost and level of effort associated with employee evaluations while helping to reduce unplanned turnover and gives leaders real-time insight into strengths and weaknesses in their organization.

  • Saves time and money for organizations that lack the resources or expertise to develop or manage their own solution

  • Gain insight into how effectively your managers are coaching and developing key talent in your organization

  • Reduce unanticipated employee turnover

Truvelop streamlines organizational initiatives requiring a more comprehensive approach to talent development at multiple levels (employees + managers)



Truvelop gives HR professionals powerful, easy-to-use tools that efficiently replace existing cumbersome systems that don’t deliver desired levels of engagement or feedback.

  • Helps you mitigate costly employee HR issues before they damage your organization or brand

  • Predictive analytics using meta-data to identify risk areas/issues (e.g. compensation, employee morale, employee engagement, risk employees)

  • Identify and nurture high potential employees for management development

  • Empowers you to play a significant role in C-suite turnover or transitions that have generated a renewed interest in performance management.

Truvelop is easy to use, so your people will use it. Your job is complicated enough. Evaluating employees doesn’t have to be complicated too. Truvelop makes employee evaluation and development efficient and effective.


IT Optimized

Truvelop is a cloud-based Saas solution that is easy to integrate with your existing systems. 

  • Marketplace approved native Android / iOS App with fully responsive Web Application

  • PoLP (Principle of Least Privilege) model to protect sensitive corporate information

  • Security & Infrastructure awarded ISO 27001 DRAFT Certification (Full certification expected by 2/1)

  • Strict customer data separation through multi-tenant implementation

  • Strong focus on automated testing


Manager Driven

Spend more time engaging and interacting with team members and less time with cumbersome, time-consuming evaluation processes that don’t work.

  • Gain valuable insight into trends, strengths, and weaknesses of the team members you manage

  • Have real data and insights to share with your team members to help increase their engagement and enhance their performance

  • Give real-time feedback with specifics instead of vague generalities from events you can’t remember

  • Easy to understand manager and employee dashboards to show department, team, and individual team trends (what we call Truvelop Tracks)

Truvelop helps you create clear, measurable results and value-based objectives to measure progress against.


Employee Engaged

Know where you stand. Understand how your manager, or managers, see your role and contribution. Learn what it takes to access valuable career growth tracks.
  • Request more frequent feedback

  • Receive more engaged, data-driven feedback instead of vague impressions

  • Identify career development paths, and track your success on those paths, more easily

  • See your individual performance trends

Engage with more than just your work. Engage with the managers you work with. Build relationships that build stronger careers through more frequent, data-centered, multi-directional interaction.



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