Truvelop Tip: Mindfulness in the Workplace

December 10, 2020

Later this week, Truvelop’s Customer Success leader Sam Clavelli will host her fourth User Community Lunch and Learn session. Over 75 participants across our customer base have joined these Zoom sessions to learn about proactive management strategies and how best to engage team members using the Truvelop App.

Last session, the User Community talked about developing improvement plans and ensuring that feedback not only reflects on the past, but more importantly is forward-looking.


Staying on the theme of reflection as we approach the end of the year, this week Sam will dive into the topic of mindfulness in the workplace. Click here to read more about the amazing ways Truvelop supports its customers!


Truvelop Tip: Mindfulness in the Workplace


Yolanda Lau sets the stage best in her Forbes article Increasing Mindfulness in the Workplace: “Mindfulness matters. The ability to be present and mindful – to stay focused intentionally without passing judgment – is a 21st century skill. Businesses with mindful teams are better equipped to compete in today’s ever-changing environment.” As such, it’s becoming more and more apparent that an emphasis on skills like resilience, mental agility, self-awareness, and sharp decision-making abilities is shaping the way organizations are evaluating their talent — with mindfulness being the key to unlocking all of the above.


Mindfulness Defined


“Mindfulness is the practice of bringing nonjudgmental awareness to the present moment.” It’s the centuries-old practice of focusing attention to the task at hand in a chaotic, ever-changing world that costs next-to-nothing, and has the potential to save American businesses as much as $300 billion; according to the World Health Organization, this is the cost of stress each year. Not to mention that 70% of all physical and mental illness is linked to stress. This is just one of the many problems practicing mindfulness can solve.  

Using Mindfulness to Help Employees Manage Stress and Drive Engagement 

One of the purposes of Truvelop is to drive engagement that ultimately boosts productivity on a company-wide scale. Similarly, employee well-being and the success of an organization go hand in hand. As discussed in our most previous User Community Lunch and Learn session, we use lessons learned in 2020 to leverage future goals and skills to focus on. Let mindfulness and the untapped potential that comes of it be a focus in 2021 to strengthen our collective ability to innovatively approach change and ensure our organization’s overall good health.

In particular, we see an ongoing emphasis on mindfulness implemented in coaching top talent and rising performers as especially critical. One may observe stress more heavily associated with the top performers in your organization as they likely hold more responsibility and are the type to consistently extend out of their comfort zone in the pursuit of developmental opportunities. We want to keep these people in our organizations, and this much pressure long term can lead to burnout. By implementing mindfulness techniques in coaching sessions, managers can help their top performers maintain peak performance while also supporting a positive relationship with their work.

For employees who are reliable, yet have known areas for improvement, mindfulness could be the tool to help them achieve these goals. Not only does mindfulness tackle hard-fought workplace challenges like stress, illness, burnout, and lack of creativity, but it also is shown to activate and even grow areas of the brain associated with focus and concentration, personal and contextual awareness, cognitive performance, emotional intelligence, insight and creativity, happiness and contentment, and the ability to break old habits and form new ones. These Rising Performers will buy into the task at hand and demonstrate their potential for performing at the next level.

These were just two examples of where to spot the need for mindfulness, but it can help with all employees at any level.

Get the conversation started today with your team members to start off 2021 in a positive and mindful manner!

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