Truvelop’s One-Stop Data Storage

August 25, 2022

Managers are expected to shoulder a lot of responsibility and are held to a standard many can’t meet because they aren’t trained properly. Too often managers bear the brunt of negative outcomes, some of which could legally impact the company and, while it isn’t fair, it is a reality managers face. If leaders want to develop competent managers, they need to provide them with the training and tools they need to succeed.

Documenting employee behavior, performance and actions is important for many reasons. It helps inform opportunities for bonuses, raises and advancement. It can help demonstrate the team’s impact on the company. And, legally, it is necessary to back up the company when someone contests a termination.

At the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2022 this summer, Allison West, Esq., SHRM-SCP, principal at Employment Practices Specialists in Pacifica, Calif., explained why documenting employee behaviors and actions is important, and noted, “Managers are repeatedly told, ‘You need to document,’ but too often they don’t know exactly what to document and how, and that becomes a problem—particularly if an employee/employer case reaches a trial….Including dates and drilled-down specifics about a worker’s performance when it comes to things such as arriving on time, meeting deadlines, behavior toward team members or following any company policies is just as important as avoiding bias, opinions and accusations. Once managers notice something troubling, they need to start writing it down.”

We agree that documentation is important but there needs to be a more efficient way that works for busy managers who are overseeing in many cases a large, distributed workforce.

Digging through old paper files, organizing and filing notes, and sending follow-up emails to review what was discussed requires a lot of time that managers simply don’t have. And what if a manager leaves the company? Will the company be able to find all the notes if they exist?

With the Truvelop app, managers can conduct employee assessments, track employee goals, and document conversations and notes of recognition or challenges to overcome. The app aggregates all of the data for reference at a later time – and it can be accessed by both the manager and the employee. The manager no longer has to worry about writing everything down, keeping notes filed, or digging around a year later to find the notes in question.

Effective documentation includes both sides of the issue. West shared at the conference, “Always get the employee’s explanation about why the expectations aren’t being met. This shows that you had a two-way conversation, were fair, and it could give you a chance to correct the situation based on new facts that are presented.”

With the Truvelop app, employees have the opportunity to respond to or pose questions related to their evaluation, or if a manager posts a comment, the employee can respond. All data is documented and stored in one place.

Companies seeking to build a pipeline of talent and develop future leaders must provide managers with the coaching and tools they need to engage and manage their team successfully.

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