Tuesday Tips: Working From home

July 21, 2020

The COVID-19 quarantine has created perhaps the largest ever remote workforce. Initially people were loving the flexibility and quality family time (and lack of commute). But as time marches on, the glaring issues that come with long term working from home emerge; the biggest of which is balance.

Work-life balance is hard to establish, let alone maintain. But, Truvelop is the perfect performance management tool for helping companies find ways to stay engaged and connected while still developing talent.

Features like Spark turn real time observation into meaningful communication, and Surveys focus on maintaining relevant communication keeping your people connected in remote times.

Truvelop’s Survey feature is fully configurable in multiple ways and can be distributed to anyone in your company. Get to know what your team members think about company decisions or or simply how their day is going.

Here are some easy tips to integrate into your work schedule and keep your work at work:

  1. Find Human Connection At least Once a Day (apart from your kids): Having real human interaction is vital for anyone’s overall health. And while this sounds simple, it’s far too easy to get stuck in email and chat-bots and forget to actually speak to another adult. You could also work 13+ hours a day without coming up for air. Getting up from your workspace every hour or two to have actual conversation and  interaction will boost your productivity and motivate you to create and end to your day.
  2. Don’t Work Where You Sleep: This is such an important rule, especially if you want to stay physically and mentally healthy during quarantine. Keeping your work separate from your home is required for true work-life balance. If you have room for a home office, keep your work there. For others who don’t have one, establish a workspace that is separate from your bedroom. You don’t want to accidentally show your colleagues that chair stacked with dirty clothes in the corner.
  3. Stay Active: Exercise is important for any healthy lifestyle. If you want to keep a healthy work-life balance at home, make room in your schedule for working out, or some outdoor time. Working out gives you more energy, clears your mind for your next session of work and just make you feel good that you did something today! Bringing your calls outdoors can keep you feeling active, motivated and a change in environment keeps you on your toes (and a great way to get your steps in). Zoom yoga meetings are a great team-building tool when the team can’t get together in person.

Truvelop can’t help you stay active, but it will help you stay engaged and keep your people motivated. Try using a Truvelop Survey to see what virtual team-building event should be next – and let us know how it goes!

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