Using Truvelop as a Compass for Harkins Coaching Culture

May 12, 2021

Today, Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted Truvelop’s User Community Lunch and Learn on Using Truvelop as a Compass for Harkins Coaching Culture.  Collaborating with Harkins’ Kathy Humm, Director of Human Resources, and Bonnie Cronin, Employee Experience Manager, the three women defined what a Coaching Culture is, identified the many benefits of a Coaching Culture, and spelled out the different components of Harkins’ successful Coaching Culture.  The Lunch and Learn saw a lot of rich discussion between our various customers, making this one of our most engaging Lunch and Learns yet.  

What is a Coaching Culture?

Defined by Forbes, “A coaching culture means supporting your employees so that they learn new skills and become greater assets to the company. It’s a type of management culture that emphasizes training, regular feedback, and opportunities for growth to create a more engaged and energized workforce.” 

Too rarely are managers actually trained how to be managers.  Managers may be the best at their technical skills, but may lack the formal training on how to motivate and teach their Team Members.  With a coaching culture, managers serve as coaches, mentors, or teachers, guiding and supporting their Team Members.   

What are the Benefits of a Coaching Culture?

Coaching Cultures are designed to increase meaningful touch points between Managers and Team Members, creating more engagement, productivity, and stronger relationships.

Harkins Coaching Culture

Shifting from an annual review to monthly/quarterly employee assessments with consistent feedback checkpoints in between has been a major lift for Harkins, but with their clear Coaching Culture Milestones guide, their organization has been able to leverage Truvelop and see the increase in meaningful and productive touch points.

Using Gallup’s It’s the Manager as a guide, Harkins defined five main milestones: Initial Meeting, Quick Connect Conversations, Monthly Check-Ins, Developmental Coaching, and Progress Review Meetings. Truvelop has been the tool that drives and documents all of these touch points, making the transition into a Coaching Culture as smooth as possible.  Between Evaluations, Sparks, and the different styles of Reporting, Managers are fully equipped to promote, document, and track positive behavior change.

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