Welcome GNA!

December 22, 2021

Welcome Gladstein, Neandross, and Associates!  Last month, we had the opportunity to onboard one of our latest customers, GNA, a leading clean transportation and energy consulting firm based out of Santa Monica, California.  As we finished up our trainings, Director of Personnel and Culture, Michael Trust, shared,  

Excited to launch Truvelop today in our organization. Thanks to Lisa First-Willis and Juliana Withers for their help to get us up and running. Looking forward to continuing to roll out this continuous, two way feedback model to our team GNA!”  Thanks, Michael! We’re excited too. 

GNA has had one of our quickest adoptions we’ve ever seen.  In just one month, GNA saw over 200 Sparks! As they complete their baseline employee assessments and build the habit of documenting feedback, Managers and Employees are starting to get a feel for the power that continuous performance development conversations can have.  We can’t wait to see what GNA accomplishes! 

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