WFH Burnout: Tips for Prevention

August 21, 2020

While working from home, it is easy to lose track of your physical and mental health and become solely wrapped up in your work. Your days are not as structured as they would be in the office, causing your motivation, and productivity to potentially deplete. Basically, you wind up working around the clock, while simultaneously managing a family and trying to homeschool your kids, and you get burned out.

Some symptoms of burnout are reduced performance, excitement for work turning negative, and an overall loss of motivation.

It is important to recognize burnout not only in yourself, but in your team members. As Truvelop is company devoted to performance management, development, and motivation, we have come up with a few tips to help prevent work burnouts at home. 

  1. Maintain regular communicationIf you feel as though you are taking on too much, communicate that to your manager. And as a manager, make sure your team members know how you’re feeling, and that you want to know how they’re feeling. Transparency will go a long way here. And of course, schedule regular communication and appraisals. Truvelop’s app lets you conduct formal and informal employee assessments anytime, anywhere, And our Spark feature lets you leave feedback on the fly. Employees will feel more connected if they’re feeling recognized.


  2. Give yourself time to disconnect– Remember that taking breaks are important for anyone being faced with long tasks. You take breaks in the office – make sure you do the same at home (and encourage your teams to as well). Relaxing your mind and body will contribute to better mental and physical health, which correlates directly to productivity.


  3. Assign (and maintain) a realistic workload- Working from home, it’s far too easy to start working at sunrise and work all day. You’re not commuting so you feel like you have so much more time and can therefore actually do it all. That’s not only unrealistic, it’s setting yourself up to fail. Check in with your manager, and check in on your people to make sure no-one is biting off more than they can or should chew.

These tips are just a few of many that you can do to decrease burnout amongst you and your team members. Being aware of burnouts are vital during this pandemic because you are not around your team and cannot see the burnout coming. Be aware, offer assistance, and try to give regular and meaningful feedback.

Truvelop’s employee evaluation and talent development solution creates multiple opportunities for managers and team members to interact. And during these uncertain times, with employees working from so many remote locations, a solution like Truvelop is the tool you help your teams avoid burning out.

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