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What is Truvelop? The Industry-Leading Employee Review Solution


Truvelop is an employee evaluation and talent development solution. It creates multiple opportunities for managers and team members to interact.

It’s easy to use and you can use it on your laptop or your mobile phone.

Using a series of short questions, linked to an algorithm, Truvelop gives leaders and managers immediate and consistent insight into the performance of their organization, teams, and individual team members.

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Managers evaluate the people who report to them in a matter of minutes. Truvelop also gives managers the ability to capture observations in real-time, capturing insights they can act on to develop their people.

Truvelop allows managers to add comments and attachments, so Truvelop becomes a repository for all of the performance history and documentation for every employee in your organization.

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Truvelop empowers managers and leaders to evaluate, develop, and transform the people in their organization. And it gives team members a voice in the process, too.

Employee evaluation and talent evaluation shouldn’t be so hard. With Truvelop they are easy.

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Evaluate. Develop. Perform.


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