What Makes a Strong Evaluation?

June 3, 2021

Employee assessments can be challenging for companies and managers alike. What criteria should be considered? How often should evaluations take place? How can employees be engaged in the process? Will the evaluations be effective in supporting employee development.

The Truvelop app takes the guesswork out of employee performance evaluations. The app provides managers with a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for evaluating and monitoring employee performance development that is accessible from a desktop or mobile app.

Truvelop provides a standard set of fifteen questions broken up into three categories:

  • Performance – general questions related to individual performance
    • How does this team member’s performance stack up against expectations within your organization?
  • Attitude – general questions that relate to a team member’s attitude towards their work and colleagues.
    • How does this team member’s attitude impact your organization?
    • Do they positively or negatively affect your brand and fellow team members?
  • Maintenance – this category refers to the team member’s social, emotional, and financial cost to the organization and the ease or difficulty associated with managing this team member
    • Is this team member’s presence an asset or a cost to the organization?

A strong evaluation is one without any rater bias. Questions should be completed as objectively as possible and should be based on current interactions with the team member. Adding comments and applicable documentation will provide context and enrich the data which improves the performance of the app.

Managers can schedule evaluations as frequently as needed or desired – monthly for instance. Employees can also request an evaluation.

When an evaluation is completed, the manager will see the results represented by a letter grade and descriptor based on the responses. A unique feature of Truvelop is manager cue cards, which provide managers with action items based on a team member’s score. Scores will change as the app collects data, providing insights on the employee’s development and capability. The manager cure cards help managers to intervene effectively to motivate, develop, educate, or replace the team member based on his/her score.

Truvelop creates an effective and efficient way to manage performance and development while improving employee engagement.

Managers and employees value receiving and responding to real time feedback, all the time, versus quarterly or yearly check-ins that may not paint the most accurate picture fostering proactive versus reactive management.

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